Sebastian Wagner, Research Associate, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Sebastian Wagner received his Master’s degree in 2015 from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Subsequently, he started to work as a research associate for the laboratory for high frequencies at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. His research interests are measurement techniques, especially calibration and mixed-mode calibration of multiport vector network analyzers, and his actual research topic is cable modelling of twisted-pair cables for automotive applications. Currently he is on the third year of his Ph.D.

15-term Self-calibration without An Ideal THRU- or LINE-Standard

New solutions for the self-calibration of a 2-port VNA with a leaky error-model will be presented. These solutions allow the characterization of the measurement setup with 15-term error-networks without an ideal THRU- or LINE-connection. As a consequence of self-calibration, unknown parameters in the calibration standards are allowed. The first procedure named NMRG2 requires the same calibration standards as the well-known TMRG procedure, with the exception of the THRU, which can be replaced by a known network standard. The second self-calibration procedure named MONS5 applies an unknown NETWORK, an asymmetric 2-port reflection and a MATCH, whereas two other known reflection standards are required.