Joshua Sarris, Application Engineer, Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Joshua Sarris is an Application Engineer for Keysight’s semiconductor and power integrity measurement solutions. These solutions include power rail test, current waveform analysis, high speed pulsed IV, precision C-V, and high-power curve tracing.

Joshua joined Agilent Technologies in 2011 as an Application Engineer after graduating from Walla Walla University with a degree in electrical engineering.

Techniques for the Efficient Characterization of Wide Bandgap Power Devices

Wide band gap power devices offer significant benefits over power devices fabricated from silicon. The key advantages of wide bandgap power devices include: higher operating temperature, higher operating voltage, higher operating frequencies and lower power loss (lower on resistance). However, while wide bandgap devices offer many performance benefits they also present many characterization challenges including:

  • Accurate sub-milliohm on resistance measurement at hundreds of amps of current
  • Junction capacitance measurement at thousands of volts of DC bias
  • Gate charge characterization at thousands of volts and hundreds of amps
  • Effective characterization of gate/base resistance

This presentation will focus on the measurement theory necessary to characterize these parameters and also on how to use this information to calculate power loss. It will cover both the testing of packaged as well as on-wafer devices.