Ebenezer Odu, RF Test Engineer, Qorvo

Ebenezer is currently working at Qorvo as an RF Test Engineer. Qorvo is a place known to innovate and shape the future of wireless communications by creating advanced RF solutions for the mobile, defense and infrastructure markets. Ebenezer’s primary focus is developing, implementing and sustaining automated RF Microwave test solutions to support compliance testing of cellular components such as RF switches and Antenna tuners. Ebenezer holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in RF Engineering from University of South Florida.

Probe Card Crosstalk: How to Control the RF Fields

In testing RF devices at frequencies above 1 GHz, the RF crosstalk is important to control properly.  This is especially important when measuring RF Front-End devices that require good signal integrity and tight tolerances in order to continue to increase the spectral efficiency. By keeping crosstalk below a certain level, accurate measurements in a production test environment with a low rate of false rejects and false accepts will be maintained. A few different designs in the Pyramid Probe were made to investigate which features provide the best RF crosstalk.