Angelo Miele, Manager – Photonics Reliability, Macom Technologies Solutions

Angelo Miele joined Macom Technologies Solutions in 2017 to lead the Photonic business unit reliability efforts. He is responsible for the Silicon Photonics Tx and Rx chip, Laser diode, APD/PD, OSA and transceiver module reliability. He was previously employed at Cisco Systems as part of the Lightwire Silicon Photonics acquisition in March 2012. He started his 20+ year career as a reliability engineer at JDS Uniphase. His primary role was to provide reliability support and L1/L2 qualification of Cisco OEM products including PLC and free space optics WXC ROADMS, amplifier line cards, Super transport blade line cards for Cisco's 50GHz and 100GHz long haul transport solutions. At Cisco, as a technical leader – reliability, he was responsible to ensure that the CPAK Silicon Photonics transceivers (optical assemblies and module level) met L1/L2 and reliability requirements. Some of the products released while at Cisco involved CPAK-LR4, 10x10LR, SR-10 and performed the reliability / qualification of the base Silicon Photonics technology.

Silicon Photonics Reliability and Qualification Testing

In recent years, the optics data communications industry has leveraged mature IC CMOS tools and processes to produce Silicon Photonics (SiPh) devices. However, unlike the IC industry where multiple end-users design circuits from a common foundry defined electrical design kit following well defined design rules, no such common PDK (Process Design Kit) exists to date, for SiPh. Each individual end-user designs optical circuits using their own internally designed optical components (modulator diode, capacitor, Ge PD, waveguide, coupler) and lay-out design rules. This leads to a unique situation where the CMOS foundry no longer owns the reliability obligations of the components or lay-out of design. The onus for reliability and qualification now falls to the end-user, in our case MACOM. We will present how we planned our reliability testing and determined lifetime predictions of our SiPh optical components using FormFactor’s 1164 Reliability Test System.