Rainer Gaggl, T.I.P.S.

Rainer Gaggl, born in 1966, married, three children, holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics from Technical University of Graz. He is passionate for micro-mechanics: 1994 Guinness Book of Records: “The smallest piston aircraft engine in the world.” He received his Ph.D. in Experimental Physics at TU Graz. In 1996 – 1997, he worked in the field of high-voltage processes for color monitor tubes at Philips Display Components. In 1997, he founded T.I.P.S. company as spin-off of Siemens Bauelemente, and currently, he is a CTO and managing director at T.I.P.S., responsible for product and process development and R&D. His main focus is on test interfaces for automotive and power semiconductors, sensor and MEMS devices. High voltage, high currents and sensor excitation are some of the challenges and he holds several patents in that field.

Magnetic Probe Cards – Hall Sensors and More

With “Internet of Things”, mobile devices with multi-sensor functionality and other countless applications of sensors, high-volume production test capabilities for these devices will be essential. In this work probe card configurations for wafer test of magnetic sensor devices with different magnetic field requirements will be presented. Starting with principles of magnetic field sensors, magnetic field design and field generation, integration of these into probe card platforms and sample data from test floor will be shown. A deep insight into the challenges of wafer test for these devices will be given. Furthermore, aspects of multi-site probing and calibration as well as thermal management on the probe card will be highlighted. Last but not least, the merging of field generation techniques developed for probe cards into final test will be briefly shown.