Gavin Fisher, Senior Applications Engineer, Customer Applications and Product Solutions (CAPS) Group, FormFactor, Inc.

Gavin Fisher is a member of the Customer Application Support group at FormFactor, providing application support and technical services to FormFactor and Cascade Microtech’s customers. With more than a decade of experience working with Cascade Microtech products, and with his deep technical knowledge in a broad spectrum of applications such as high-frequency measurement, calibration and power device measurement, he educates and trains customers on best practices to achieve accurate measurement results. He has made several presentations at European Microwave Week, MOS-AK workshops, and Agilent/Keysight seminars. Prior to joining Cascade Microtech, he served as a Mechanical Engineer at Alenia Marconi Systems. He holds an upper-second degree from Brunel University in Mechanical Engineering with electronic systems.

Latest Advancements in High-Power Device Test Technology

Power device test has been always a challenging task, either at package or wafer level, requiring tools that can endure extremely high-current and high-voltage conditions. As the demands for devices with higher energy efficiency rapidly grow, the device manufacturers are forced to test devices at even higher current and voltage conditions with shorter time. The test equipment suppliers have addressed this issue by developing power device analyzers with the switching capability between high-voltage and high-current tests at as high as 10 kV/1500 A range. In this session, we will review the test solution to maximize the performance of the latest power device analyzers, achieving the measurement never possible before.