Devin Morris, RF Application Engineer, Roos Instruments

Devin is a graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering where he specialized in microwave on-chip BIST structures. After graduating, he took a position with Roos Instruments as an RF applications engineer, focusing on measurement techniques and test development of a broad array of microwave applications ranging from high-power base station devices to millimeter-wave automotive radar.

Multi-Port Millimeter-Wave Production Test Cell

With the emergence of integrated, low-cost, high-volume millimeter-wave ICs, the need for production test capability to address this burgeoning market has become paramount to insuring market viability. Point-to-point communication and automotive radar applications have given way to larger markets in next-generation 5G backhaul and 5G handsets. To facilitate millimeter-wave at this scale, production test solutions face the difficult logistics of addressing both the capability requirements of millimeter-wave as well as cost of test. Demonstrated is an implemented test cell for high density millimeter-wave production test. The test cell is comprised of a Cassini 16 ATE system configured with multi-port millimeter wave source/measure port capability with a Pyramid Probe® card and autoloading TEL probe system. The setup demonstrates a complete production solution with on-wafer calibration standards and verified measurement performance, automated probe card calibration and thermal offset correction capability within an extensible architecture to address multiple applications from 71-86 GHz.