Choon Beng Sia, Customer Applications and Production Solutions (CAPS) Group, FormFactor

Dr. Choon Beng Sia is a Nanyang Research Scholar and has received B.E., M.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is a member of the FormFactor Customer Applications and Production Solutions (CAPS) team, responsible for developing solutions for emerging wafer-level measurement applications. Dr. Sia was recently elevated to a Senior IEEE member and serves on the IEEE MTT-11 Technical Committee focusing on developing standards and best practices for microwave measurements. He also represents Singapore as a technical expert on the IEC TC47 technical committee. Dr. Sia holds nine international patents with two pending and has more than 200 citations referenced to his technical publications.

Minimizing Discontinuities in Wafer-Level Sub-THz Measurements up to 750 GHz for Device Modelling Applications

Achieving accurate and continuous measurement for sub-THz wafer-level device characterization is particularly important for device modelling applications. This presentation outlines, for the first time, challenges affecting measurement continuity and accuracy at such high frequencies. The newly proposed sub-THz measurement strategy with pre-calibration check for low probe contact resistance, combining power and S-parameter probe tip calibration, implementing post-calibration verification checks and ensuring consistent and accurate DC biasing of devices across all frequency bands, has been demonstrated in this work to improve measurement continuity and quality of wafer-level measurements up to 750 GHz.