Chai Kheh Aun, Process Characterization Engineer, X-FAB Sarawak SDN. BHD.

Chai Kheh Aun is the Technical Laboratory Coordinator in the X-FAB's Process Characterization group. He has more than 10 years of working experience with X-FAB Semiconductor Foundry. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Western Australia. He has helped to install several specialty test systems in X-FAB such as high-voltage and 1/F noise measurement systems. He is currently working with a team to develop unattended over-temperature test routine into the measurement software. In addition, he is a committee member in the X-FAB’s electrical test laboratory expansion project.

Overcoming Challenges of Unattended Over-Temperature Wafer-Level Measurements

Measurements for device characterization during process development are more extensive and time consuming than production measurements. Extracting accurate device model requires higher volume of measured data not only at ambient temperature, but also at different temperatures (-40°C to 175°C). Data collection across different temperatures can spent many hours to acquire data at each temperature. Therefore, unattended over-temperature wafer-level testing is the key to improve measurement efficiency. In this session, the challenges and solutions on unattended over temperature measurement will be discussed.