Adam Schultz, Electrical Engineer, Celadon Systems

Adam Schultz recently joined Celadon Systems in the R&D department after interning with the Engineering team for over a year. Among other projects, Adam has been instrumental in the high voltage development effort at Celadon. Adam has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Forget the Paschen and Embrace Turbulence! (Bryan Root and Adam Shultz, Celadon Systems)

Celadon, jointly with Keithley Instruments, will present a unique and unconventional approach to very high-voltage on-wafer testing. Paschen’s Law has historically been used by engineers as the reference curve for voltage breakdown as a function of gas pressure and gap distance. After extensive data collection and analysis, the presentation will reveal unexpected and compelling results regarding Paschen’s Law. Further, a surprising correlation between high-voltage “soft fails” and Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) reliability testing techniques has been discovered and will be reviewed. When taking high-voltage measurements, surface arcing must be suppressed to prevent damage to the device; a simple yet effective solution called Direct Jet™ will be presented as part of the overall test solution. The on-wafer test solution of high-power devices up to 3 kV which will be presented, is an easy-to-use and safe method for obtaining accurate results under extreme test conditions.